when should babies start wearing shoes

When Should Babies Start Wearing Shoes


Is There A Right Time To Start Putting Your Baby In Shoes?

There are many options for baby shoes, including slippers, sandals and soft-sole shoes. Baby shoes are adorable accessories that look great. However, it is important to take into account their safety and developmental stage. Shoes were originally designed to protect the feet when walking but have evolved to be fashionable and practical. When should babies begin wearing shoes?

when should babies start wearing shoes

What you need to know about your baby’s feet

Your baby’s feet, like most parts of the body at birth are flexible. The bones of the feet don’t develop until about 8 years old. Because of this, little feet are flexible and mostly made of cartilage for up to 9 months. Babies also have flat feet. The arch of the foot develops in the first few years.

Proper muscle and bone development is dependent on foot movement. This helps prepare the foot for walking. Proper foot development can be encouraged by crawling, jumping, wiggling, and bouncing. You want your baby to have enough space to move around freely.


When is the best time to buy your baby’s first shoes?

These boots, or should we say booties, are designed for walking. Until your baby is walking outside, they don’t really need their first pair. Babies will need protection from the elements, injury and other hazards when they are walking or playing outside.

To build coordination and strength, you should limit the time your baby spends in shoes until they can walk confidently. To help your baby get on their feet when you are at home, take off the shoes.

Are shoes possible for non-walkers and newborns?

You may have received comments from people who are well-intentioned about why babies shouldn’t go out naked. In most cases, barefoot is better for babies than the newer research shoes.

Keep shoes for special occasions only before the baby can walk well. While it’s harmless and fun to wear shoes for fun, you should not use them for other purposes than to add style to an outfit, such as photos or holidays. Your baby should be completely barefoot, or covered with socks/booties, if necessary for warmth. For non-walkers who are outdoors in extreme weather, soft, flexible shoes will be more comfortable.

Which Shoes are Best for New Walkers?

While barefoot is the best option for new walkers, shoes may be necessary at times. Shoes with a little bit of flexibility are best for everyday wear. These shoes can be leather slip ons, split-sole shoes, or slippers that look barefoot. As a general rule, your baby should be able to feel the toes of the shoe’s top.

Make sure your child doesn’t slip on uneven floors by making sure the sole is firm enough. You may need to wear thicker boots or shoes depending on your location and the activities you are participating in. This can be balanced with barefoot walking at home.






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