How to lose weight while breastfeeding

How To Lose Weight While Breastfeeding


Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Certain facts should be at the top of your mind before thinking of losing weight while breastfeeding. Remember, you just don’t lose weight my magic, but you have to put some effort in for it to happen. But with careful planning, and execution of that plan, and a little bit of effort, let’s look at some crucial points you need to know about losing weight while breastfeeding.

One thing you might want to know is that it could take approximately six to nine months or even longer than this for your body weight to start going down –  but you shouldn’t lose hope. Your body is going through many changes after pregnancy, and is still going through changes while breastfeeding. 

Breastfeeding can help a woman burn about 500-700 calories which is quite impressive but that also means that you need to know how many calories you take per day. Your baby needs good nutrition and that depends on what you take in per day. So – healthy mother, healthy baby.

How to lose weight while breastfeeding

The Diet You Are On Matters

If you choose to eat junk food then your weight loss will be affected. Choose your diet plan wisely. Try fruits, lean protein and vegetables. You can add in some grains like rice and quinoa or even gluten free oats (definitely make sure you are avoiding gluten if you are gluten intolerant.) You could also talk to a nutritionist and they will guide you accordingly about what to eat and to avoid and they go through points that could be beneficial for both you and the baby without affecting their milk supply or your health. They could also customize a meal plan and a nutrition plan for you too. 

Your Exercise Plan 

After delivery, you might get lazy because it’s too much work to carry a baby for nine whole months so let this be the time you try working out and doing exercises to keep your body in shape and get rid of extra body fat. For a quick reminder, you need to wait at least six to eight weeks before you resume exercising after delivery. You may want to add in strength training or some form of resistance training, because that also helps you burn fat and add lean muscle, while also increasing your metabolism. Shoot for 2-3x per week of full body weight training. Also, 1-2 days per week of high intensity cardio training. 

The Weight You Gained While Pregnant

Commonly, pregnant women have so many cravings and this could also affect their weight in different ways. Many women gain a ton of weight during pregnancy, and this is very normal. Try to check how much you gained and compare it to before your pregnancy and to after pregnancy and work around that to cut on extra fats if there is any registered. Don’t worry, weight gain during pregnancy is normal. It might require a little more effort to lose weight while breastfeeding after pregnancy, but don’t worry – you can do it girl!

Drink A Lot Of Water

lt may sound like it’s not a big deal, but will help you for sure. Hydration is so essential to losing weight at any point in your life. Many of our cravings for food (excess food) are many times just being thirsty because we’re dehydrated. Try to make it a bare minimum of 8 cups daily, but if it suits you – up to 12-16 cups per day (up to almost a gallon depending on your weight and height)

Sleeping Schedule 

Children are a handful and sometimes you may get little to no sleep but you should also know that it’s important to you because it helps in bodily functions that you may not be aware of like, normal blood pressure, relaxes muscles, stabilized breathing and heart rate. If you are lucky enough to have someone else help you with your baby, the one thing you can do is prioritize sleep. That will make one of the biggest deals in helping breastfeeding mothers lose weight while breastfeeding! Plus you will feel so much better.

Avoid Fad Diets

Gaining weight after birth could be an insecurity for some ladies but it should force you to search for the fastest way to lose weight because it will affect the baby’s milk. There will be a decrease in milk and this could affect the baby’s only source of food after birth. So make sure you are thinking about your long term health as well as your baby’s short term and long term health. Do not compromise, and stay the course, and you will be losing weight in no time.


Though these are some of the things that will help you lose weight, you have to discuss them with your doctor just to be on the safer side. They are good decisions but could turn bad if you are excessive, have a medical condition, or don’t have guidance from a medical professional.



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